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Title: DOOL
Role: Daniel Jonas
Date: 3/4/08 -
Network: NBC
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Title: "Spanners"
Role: Adam Parr
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Title:Only one Can Play
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Hi everyone! :) My name is Lori and I’m very happy to be selected as Shawn’s “May” Fan of the Month. I’d like to thank Beth for this honor and the opportunity to tell how I became a Shawn Christian fan.

Unlike so many of my friends on twitter, I actually didn’t have much prior knowledge of Shawn’s amazing acting resume. I first “discovered” him on my favorite Soap Opera, Days of our Lives. I am a huge Chloe fan, beginning with her Ghoul Girl Era, and quickly became a fan of Phloe (Philip & Chloe). I stopped watching the show when they were ripped apart in favor of Broe (Brady and Chloe) and just watched sparingly in the years that followed. When I knew Nadia was coming back to the show in 2007, I looked forward to a Phloe reunion and started watching full-time again….but Phloe was not to be. Again, in disgust, I stopped watching. Fast Forward to December 2008 when I had the day off from work and decided (out of the blue) to watch DOOL. I can’t tell you how happy I am that I tuned in, because that was the day of the AMAZING Pier Scene between Daniel and Chloe. I was completely blown away by their chemisty. I never expected to be so ‘taken’ with this pairing, especially since I considered myself to be one of the most loyal (and stubborn..lol) Phloe fans, but I could not take my eyes off Danloe in the months that followed. I started recording the show again and rewatched those January/February 2009 episodes over and over. Somehow, Shawn and Nadia, with their wonderful intensity as actors, had done the unthinkable…they hooked me on DOOL once again. It was totally unexpected and I was engrossed in the show like NEVER before.

I’ve always read the message boards during my time as a Phloe fan but rarely felt compelled to post. That quickly changed when I started loving Danloe. As I was watching some Danloe clips on YouTube in January 2009, I found a link to “Insatiable”. I decided to join and was lucky to find a passionate group of Danloe supporters ~ Gina (our administrator), Sio, Karena, Lisa, Katie, Den, Karrie, Cori, Kalista, Sam, Aly, Sherrie, and Kristi…to name a few ;)…we were a small but feisty group…and we battled for Shawn and Nadia on the various boards (even getting Danloe their own subforum on the NBC Message Board ~ woot woot!!) and we were held together by our love and support for Shawn and Nadia. In addition to the regular message board posters, I have to give the Video Vixens, who were there with Danloe from the beginning (Sherrie and Kristi) SO MUCH credit for getting many of us hooked on this couple with their enticing videos and keeping the fire burning during the months of the Danloe drought….even to this day.

I was lucky enough to see Shawn in person 3 times… Boston, Detroit, and Dallas. I have to say he is one the the most down-to-earth, fun-loving, and appreciative people I have ever met. He treats his fans wonderfully and never fails to flash that “Million Dollar” Smile ~ as shown with the very first picture I took of him in Boston during the “Meet and Greet”:

When I joined twitter, I found a whole new group of friends, in addition to my Insatiable, Sony, and NBC gals, who are loyal supporters of Shawn ~~ Kelly, Chris, Jani, Renee, Mary, Rachel, Kathy, Kelly (from NBO_Web), Rose, Anna, Molly, Robyn, and Sara. We have come together and have a great rapport, which all started because of our love and admiration for Shawn. I would not have met so many cherished friends if I hadn’t decided to watch DOOL on that fateful day in December 2008 ;) ..and it’s ALL due to the intensity that Shawn showed as Daniel, when he lifted Chloe and carried her, as they gazed at each other and the New Year’s Eve Fireworks.

Thank you Shawn, for being the tie that binds our group together. We love everything you do for your fans and the community…beginning with giving your time to various charities, lending your name to the S.Christian’s Angels group, and making your fans feel special and appreciated…with EVERY autograph, picture, and tweet. You are a fabulous actor and a beautiful person (both inside and out) and I wish you continued success in your career and beyond!! xoxo

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