Welcome to Shawn Christian Online,your first and ONLY fan site on actor Shawn Christian.Shawn currently plays Dr Daniel Jonas on "Days of our lives" & also Venice:the series.We hope you enjoy your stay and come back soon!
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Title: DOOL
Role: Daniel Jonas
Date: 3/4/08 -
Network: NBC
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Title: "Spanners"
Role: Adam Parr
Date:2011 -
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Title:Only one Can Play
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Shawn Christian Online 2008- is in no way affiliated with Shawn Christian, NBC Studios, Corday Productions or Days of Our Lives. This is the ultimate fan site for the actor.All Photos and Media are copyrighted to their respectful owners and being used under Fair Copyright Law 107. Please do not steal images or media off this site and always credit when re-posting information.


Shawn Christian Online was a thought in Beth’s head about 3 months before August 2008.Beth really liked Shawn’s work on “Summerland”and really wanted to do a site on Shawn that noone else had did.It finally started to come together about 2-3 weeks before TYA’s Days into Night 2008. The layout for the site was made via a friend on a free hosting website forum.

The weekend of the event when Beth would be meeting Shawn for the first time ever,she printed off what the site would look like and in hopes Shawn would some how enjoy Beth’s work and make the site official in some way. Shawn over the weekend talked with Beth about the site and was very interested in it,even though he had no computer experience but she told him it wasn’t really needed for the site to be official. After the last event of the night,Shawn said he would contact Beth soon and whatnot. Beth went away that weekend very happy and even enjoyed the autograph he signed,”To my web girl Beth love Shawn Christian”.(check photo gallery for scan!)

Weeks past by and no word on Shawn so Beth decided to proceed to make it just a basic fan site for the fans. After about a few weeks,Beth brought on Marylina,who is a great friend to Beth and also runs Days-Addicts.com with her and also ran Bryan Dattilo’s official website/fanclub for a while.

This site is inteded to be a fan site and hopefully down the road be official. Thanks to all the fans and donators who helped make this site WHAT it is right now!!!!

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